The Satyr of Capri

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Expected date of release: July 2015

Rome, AD 108. What, or who is the mysterious Satyr of Capri? Rare statue, man, or monster? Why do danger and death stalk all who are connected with the elusive secret? New friends and lovers Quintus and Rufio are unwittingly embroiled in the quest for the truth. From the mansions of the rich to the teeming underbelly of the world’s mightiest city, braving the violence and tasting the sensuous pleasures thrown at them, the boys risk all to unravel the secret of the Satyr. Plunge into the world of imperial Rome—debauchery and cruelty, envy and greed, grisly legends and disaster beneath the cliffs of Capri, undercover deals and urban gang warfare—for a roller coaster ride bursting with sex and action.

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The Satyr of Capri

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Druck: schwarz / weiß
Autor: Zack
Umschlag: Softcover
Verlag: Bruno Gmünder
Format: 13 x 19 cm
Seiten: 288
Sprache: Englisch
New Arrival: Juni 2015